Investigative Process

In Ontario, it is the responsibility of the police service or the employer of the special constable/peace officer to report any incident that may fall under the SIU’s investigative jurisdiction.  

However, anyone else – be it a member of the public, a coroner, members of the media, a medical professional or a lawyer - may advise the Unit of a situation they believe may require investigation. 

The SIU’s investigation of an incident begins at the time of notification and entails a number of actions including:

  • Examining and securing all physical evidence
  • Seeking and interviewing witnesses
  • Monitoring the medical condition of persons that have been injured
  • Securing police equipment for forensic testing
  • Consulting with the coroner if there has been a death
  • Notifying next of kin in death cases 
  • Ensuring complainants (that is, those who have been seriously injured or are alleging sexual assault, and the families of deceased persons) are kept up to date
  • Reviewing the results of analyses from outside agencies (ie.g. post-mortem reports, Centre of Forensic Sciences tests, etc.)