Case Numbers

Cases are assigned a case number, starting with the year the case came to the SIU, followed by the police service, case type and file number.

For example, 25-PFD-123. The year the investigation began was 2025, involving the OPP (P), case type is Firearm Death (FD), followed by the file number. File numbers reset each year.

Case Type Legend

Case Type Code
Firearm Injury FI
Firearm Death FD
Firearm Discharge at Person FP
Custody Injury CI
Custody Death CD
Vehicle Injury VI
Vehicle Death VD
Sexual Assault Allegation SA
Other Injury OI
Other Death OD
Non-Jurisdictional Case NJC
Police Service Code
Toronto Police Service (TPS) T
Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) P
Other police services O