Outreach Program

The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for creating meaningful dialogue with community stakeholders by proactively participating in community events and public education initiatives. The Coordinator establishes and strengthens connection with diverse population of Ontario.

The SIU’s outreach program aims to:

  • Increase awareness of the SIU, the new legislation (SIU Act 2019), its mandate, and the investigative process
  • Improve transparency and correct misperceptions
  • Raise confidence in the integrity of the SIU 
  • Enhance relationships with diverse community groups in Ontario
  • Strengthen public engagement and expand opportunities for information sessions 

With more awareness by the public and law enforcement officials of the SIU’s mandate, the following benefits may be had:

  • more incidents that fall within the SIU’s jurisdiction will be reported in a timely fashion; 
  • more witnesses will be willing to come forward and cooperate with investigations; and 
  • the more likely those impacted by SIU investigations and the broader public will have confidence in the work of the Unit.  

Contact the Outreach Coordinator to learn more.