I Have Been Seriously Injured

What We Can Investigate

The SIU’s investigative jurisdiction is limited to concerns involving officials where there is a serious injury, death, allegation of sexual assault or discharge of a firearm by an official at a person.
A person sustains a serious injury if the injury in question is likely to interfere with the person’s health or comfort and is not transient or trifling in nature. A serious injury includes:

  • an injury that results in admission to a hospital; 
  • a fracture to the skull, or to a limb, rib or vertebra; 
  • burns to a significant proportion of a person’s body; 
  • the loss of any portion of a person’s body; or 
  • a loss of vision or hearing.
What We Don’t Investigate

The following complaints do not fall within the mandate of the SIU:

  • lack of service, 
  • policy, or 
  • improper conduct by an official (e.g. allegations of racial profiling, harassment, corruption, or use of force without serious injury).

These types of concerns should be referred to the appropriate police service, the Law Enforcement Complaints Agency (LECA) or the Inspectorate of Policing

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